A 5-step Guide to Finding Your Perfect Internet Service Provider

Internet has become a basic necessity today. Socializing, shopping, banking, and everything else can be done online. With internet becoming such an integral part of our lives, choosing the right internet service provider (ISP) has become all the more important. Choosing the right service provider can mean a difference between enjoying a hassle-free experience, and getting stuck in a frustrating one. So, here is a 5-step guide to help you decide on an Internet service provider that is best suited for your online needs. Pay attention.

Location is where you start

United States is a vast country and not every service provider covers all the locations. So, your first step should be to shortlist the internet service providers that service your zip code. How can you do that? Check the classifieds. Any service that is available in your area will be advertised there. But, don’t settle for that. Call and check whether or not they serve your exact location. This will eliminate spending any unnecessary energy and time in researching an internet service provider that eventually cannot serve you.

DSL and cable internet are the most readily available services across the country. If you have a fixed line phone connection, or a cable TV connection, then you can get a DSL or a cable connection respectively. Fiber optic network has very limited reach. So this is the most elusive technology to get. If you want to enjoy the super high speeds of the fiber optic connections, then location will be the most important criterion for you to choose an ISP.

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It is entirely possible that just one company serves your area. In that case, your search for the perfect ISP will end here. You will have no other option, but to go with the only choice available to you. On the complete opposite spectrum of fiber optic internet is the satellite internet. In this case, location has no role to play on the ISP you select. As you are getting the internet via satellite, it can beam a signal anywhere across the country. So, those who are looking for a satellite internet connection can completely skip this step.

Speed to Satiate Your Internet Needs

You are searching for a company that can meet your internet requirements. The bandwidth you finally settle for should be dependent on what you do online and how many people are going to use that single internet connection.

You have to understand that every ISP will try to sell you their top plan. But, you are the one in charge here. Take a hard look at what exactly you do on the internet. If you just browse websites and check mails, then even 5Mbps speed is more than enough for your entire family.

If you are active on the social media and post a lot of content there, if you watch an occasional online video, and engage in other light activities, then maybe a 25Mbps connection will do the job. However, if you play online games and download movies and music, then you fall in the category of a heavy user and you need 50 to 100Mbps download speed.

You should also consider the number of devices connected to one connection. If you have more than 3 or 4 people using the same connection, you need a plan with a higher bandwidth.

Good customer support is underrated

Don’t forget to enquire about the service quality of an ISP before selecting them. Even the best internet services suffer downtimes. It is during these times that you want to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, to listen to your concern and offer you a resolution. Nobody wants to listen to a pre-recorded answering machine that keeps you waiting for hours before a representative can serve you.

Make it a point to ask around about the customer service offered by the local ISPs. The existing and past subscribers of a service are the best sources for finding the truth about the ISPs. You can also check out the many discussion forums that have endless posts about how different companies treat their customers. Read more than 10 reviews so that you are able to form a well-rounded opinion than a biased one.


The Best TV Streaming Services 2016

Television entertainment is not limited to television anymore. You can watch your favorite shows, movies, short films, and whatever else you want on a variety of electronic devices. People do not have to own a television to be entertained. A smartphone is more than enough. The top online streaming services have put this kind of power in the hands of the consumers and they are certainly loving it. So, which are those services that have led from the front in 2016, and what it is that they have to offer? Here we go.

1. YouTube

Let’s start with a name that everyone with an internet connection easily recognizes. YouTube, another of Google’s many acquisitions, is the one stop for all kinds of videos. You want to watch a lecture, you can do it here. You want to see a makeup tutorial, you can do it here. There is a video for almost everything. The content is posted by content creators on their respective channels and the subscribers are free to subscribe to any of these channels. There is no price for watching anything on the basic YouTube website. However, this is not the best place for people looking for television shows.

The basic version really does not have any distinct section for movies, but you can always search a few. However, if you are looking for an alternative for cable, this is not it. That being said, you can subscribe to a premium version where you can get paid content. But, that is limited too. The website is really easy to navigate and this has what made YouTube such a popular and consequently, such a rich video streaming platform. Moreover, if you can connect to the internet on a device, then you can almost certainly access YouTube on it.

2. Hulu

This is the place where all the television shows have found home. If you are a television fanatic looking for a place to binge watch your favorite shows, then your search ends here. But, the basic version of Hulu offers only limited programming.

For a small price of $7.99, you can upgrade to the premium version, which will give you access to the most recently updated shows as well. The content library on Hulu Plus, the premium version, is updated some hours or days after the show is aired on cable. This is something not all streaming services do. The movie collection at Hulu is completely uninspiring. So, do keep that in mind.

3. Netflix

Netflix is the Godfather of all streaming services. Netflix was one of the first and at present, one of the finest streaming services available online. The Netflix library is a matter of envy to its competitors. There is so much to choose from that you will never be bored. The movie collection is breathtaking with everything from the classics to the recent releases available for the users.

The Netflix interface is really easy to navigate, which is one of the main reasons why Netflix is so popular. Picking your next watch is made easy by the wonderful recommendation system. Since Netflix has been one of the firsts in the business, it has optimized its interface over time to make it extremely user-friendly. Also, almost all devices are compatible with Netflix, a benefit of being one of the first services in the market.

There are a variety of television shows on offer as well. But, it is not the best place to look for them. However, the original series aired by Netflix are indeed worth watching. At a price of $9 per month, Netflix ranks pretty high on value for money.

4. Amazon Prime Instant Video

This has pretty much all the features and benefits that Netflix offers. It gives Netflix a really good fight for the top slot of streaming services in 2016. Amazon Prime Instant Video is not as old as its contender, but it does carry the brand power of Amazon. This has helped it grow at an unprecedented rate over the last few years. The content available with Amazon Prime has multiplied manifold, thanks to the deals and partnerships that Amazon has forged with content creators to ensure a firm footing in the business.

Amazon Prime started out with a yearly package of $99. But, it recently introduced a monthly package too, with $10.99 per month fee. Though a little pricier, the monthly package offers the users more flexibility. Amazon does not stop here. It has also bundled a number of other benefits like free 2-day deliveries on online purchases at its website.

5. Sony Playstation Vue

With Vue, Sony has officially entered the booming market of streaming services. A major USP of Vue is the kind of content it offers. You can think of Vue as a cable service, without all the hassles of a cable connection. Users get a lot of options in terms of programming. Almost 90 channels are broadcasted live on Vue, and these include the elusive sports channels, apart from news, local channels, and what not.

However, Vue has not gained mass popularity as quickly as other services. There are two main reasons for this. One is the asking price of the service. $50 per month for a streaming service (basic package) is not going to go down well with most of the consumers. Moreover, Vue is not available across the nation yet. Only a few major cities are being offered the service, and only after testing these waters, will Sony take its service on the national stage. Also, PS Vue is only compatible with very few devices as of now. These include Smart TVs from the manufactures, its consoles, and iPads.

6. SlingTV

If you want to enjoy live television, but do not want to enter into a cable contract or shell out as much as $50 for a streaming service, then Sling TV is here to save the day. This service offers a wide selection of content and many live channels to its subscribers. It also has ESPN for sports lovers. Actually, it is the only streaming service that offers both ESPN and ESPN 2. All of this is offered to you at an unbelievable subscription fee of only $20. Also, subscribers can only access it on one device at a time. The price is a little more than what other popular streaming services are charging. But, given its live programming, it is worth it.


Why You Should Avoid Comcast Stream

Comcast recently launched a new streaming service called Stream. The beta launch happened in the Boston area, and the company is expected to soon roll out the service in Chicago and Seattle. It is expected that the service will be available across the country by early 2016. Comcast says that the service will be a great pleasure to use. Well, we know how good their services are. Comcast’s services are so great that people routinely get nightmares of having to deal with their customer care. However, what is attracting people’s attention is the $15 per month bill for the service, which will include HBO. This does sound like a good bargain, but is it? Let’s see.

The Truth Behind $15 Bill

Comcast is all bells and whistles about the fact that its new streaming service needs no additional equipment, or device. While that is certainly true, but what Comcast conveniently does not mention in its announcements, is that you need Comcast’s very own internet connection to make use of the service. That’s right, now you have to get a Comcast internet service, for which you will have to cough up another $50 or more. Additionally, you will need a modem too, which will cost you roughly a one-time $50, or a monthly rent of $10. Do you see how that initial $15 per month bill has now snowballed into $75-$85 a month!

Live TV Streaming Limited to Home

The reason why people love Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so on, is that customers can watch their favorite shows and movies on these services anytime and anywhere they want. The only criterion is that they need an internet connection for that. This is not so with Comcast Stream. While you can download and watch on-demand shows and movies from any location (for an extra fee of course), this is not possible with live TV. If you wish to access live TV on Stream, then you should be connected to the home router only. Frankly, this does not make any sense. Why would you watch live shows on Stream, when you can get free broadcasting on your antenna?

Most of the Stream Content is Free on Regular TV

Apart from HBO, the rest of the broadcast networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and others are all anyway available for free on high-definition antennas that cost a one-time investment of $25. In the light of this, Stream would be useful to users only when they are away from their TV, and cannot access it. But, as we discussed previously, this is not a possibility either, since Stream forces us to use home network only. So, there is no additional value in terms of content either.

Absence of Pay TV Channels, Except HBO

Stream service includes only one pay TV channel – HBO. On the other hand, its competitors have numerous cable channels like ESPN, TNT, AMC, and so on. So, to give you an idea of how silly this is, HBO Now, the streaming service from HBO, has the same subscription charge as Stream. Let us remind you

that HBO Now can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, from any internet connection, unlike Stream. In other words, we are not saying that Comcast is charging $15 for providing restricted access to an already great streaming service. Instead, we are saying that Comcast is charging in excess of $75 for providing restricted access to an already great streaming service. Surely, you can find way better services than Stream, as explained in the next point.

Better Options Available in the Market

Considering the fact that Stream costs about $80 a month with its unavoidable Comcast internet service, if you are looking only for some basic channels and HBO, then there are many other less expensive options in the market. Interestingly, even Comcast has services that will provide all these channels at a more affordable price. Its own basic TV channels, broadband package that includes HBO costs only about $45 a month.


Stream is superior to no other streaming service in the market. It is an overpriced offering that Comcast is shoving down its customers’ throats. Comcast also continues in its tradition of pathetic customer service. What is ironic is that because of its restriction on using its internet connection, the service will not be available in the western parts of the country, barring a few major cities. None of this makes any sense, even from a purely business perspective.


How Big of a Threat is Cord Cutting to Traditional TV in the USA?

With the digital age getting bigger every day, there’s no doubt cable and satellite TV companies are putting their guards up, but is it necessary?

An astounding 40% of homes in the country are now subscribed to a video-on-demand streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. But, despite the millions of citizens who say they plan to cut cable TV, only 22% of them have actually done so. Why? It’s likely because the options on the other side are rather sparse.

Most services like Netflix and Hulu have plenty of old shows and even some new releases, but the choices when it comes to sports and live TV just aren’t comparable. Some devices like Sling and Apple TV have tried to fill the gap and have a few popular channels to choose from (even some sports networks) but the options simply don’t live up to what American’s have come to expect from their cable or satellite TV provider.

Researchers say that sports channels and live TV are what’s keeping the majority of citizens on board with the traditional means of watching television. While the convenience of Hulu and Netflix is obvious, the variety of choices is nothing compared to the hundreds of channels traditional TV provides.

In fact, some of those who have cut the cable (for whatever reason) are considering reuniting with traditional TV due to the fact that there truly is always something on. If you’re one of the ones looking to go back to traditional TV, now’s the time to do it. With the threat of video-on-demand services, cable and satellite companies are lowering their prices, expanding their selection, and offering the best new subscriber deals of the century. Those who are staying loyal to traditional TV providers are also reaping the benefits with added channels and premium bonuses.

Those who have already made the switch from traditional TV may be regretting their decision. While many companies have tried to make their way into the video-on-demand industry, like PlayStation with their new Vue service, and Yahoo with Yahoo! Screen, many would think that the options for non-traditional television watching would be growing, but many successful networks are keeping their shows on (traditional) television only and preventing them from going to services like Hulu.

Other networks, though, such as HBO, have taken advantage of the possibility of increased reach and put their shows on Hulu and many other on-demand services, including their own digital channels. HBO has even made their own on-demand subscription service, which is available for a monthly fee through devices like Apple TV and online at HBO.com.

Even with some networks embracing the digital age, traditional TV providers are doing their best to continue to appeal to the new crowd. Providers like Dish have long been expanding into the world of internet streaming by allowing subscribers to login to their websites and watch shows from their laptop, but is that enough to compete?

Many citizens who have admitted that they want to make the switch to on-demand television talk about two things: cost and selection. For decades, many have felt the cost of traditional TV is high, and some see on-demand subscriptions as a money-saving option, but those saved dollars come at another cost: selection. The selection of Netflix – the pioneer in the industry of on-demand video – has long been critiqued by TV lovers across the nation. But despite the somewhat small selection, many have signed up anyways (57.4 million and counting to be exact).

Even with millions of fellow users, Netflix subscribers still complain. Not about the $9.99/month price, but because of the selection (or lack thereof) that other users warn people about. Netflix has been expanding recently with newer (yet mostly discontinued) shows being added to their selection, but overall, Netflix alone cannot compete with traditional TV. Of course, while Netflix may be the most popular on-demand service, it’s certainly not the only one. Hulu and similar services have tried to fix the issue. While Hulu has mostly newer shows and matches Netflix on price, not many networks have signed on to their service yet, leaving subscribers with a selection smaller, yet newer than Netflix subscribers.

Those cutting the cable and leaving traditional TV typically go the same route: they ditch their $30+/month service and instead usually get both Netflix and Hulu to help fill the gap of selection. Now, they may be free of cable but they’ve just racked up a $20/month subscription with less options for shows and movies. Researchers say the increase in spending for on-demand movies, like those offered by iTunes has gone up tremendously within the past year or two. So, the $10 or so a month you may save going from traditional to on-demand is very likely to be spent on movie rentals and other services.

While many have made the promise to switch from traditional to on-demand, very few have followed through, and it’s clear why. Until the selection of such services can match that of cable or satellite (while still keeping the prices cheap) customers will likely continue with the services they have – or, in some people’s cases, resort back to traditional TV.


Things You didn’t Know About Broad City.

Broad City is an American sitcom that premiered on Comedy Central in 2014. Created by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, who also star as the show’s leading ladies, the show was originally created as a web series. The web series was produced from 2009 until 2011 with the show’s executive producer Amy Poehler guest starring in the web series’ finale. The television adaption focuses around two twenty year old women living in New York City and the struggles they face. In 2015, it was renewed for a third season.

The show follows Ilana and Abbi, two Jewish feminist women living in New York City. While Abbi tries to make a career as an illustrator, Ilana everything in her power to avoid working, constantly pursuing her hedonism. Unfortunately for Abbi, she usually gets wrapped up in Ilana’s shenanigans.

Ilana is a self-absorbed marijuana enthusiast typically oblivious to how others perceive her. Though she works for a sales company, she does everything in her power to avoid doing as much work as possible. She’s more a professional slacker than a professional salesperson. As compared to Abbi, Ilana is more sexually expressive and free-spirited, though she’s usually dragging the unknowing Abbi into her adventures.

Abbi is older than Ilana and works as a custodian at a fitness center. Although she hates her job and feels she’s at least qualified to be a trainer, she constantly misses chances to prove herself worthy of more responsibility. A struggling artist, Abbi is considers leaving her job at the fitness center and pursuing her dream fulltime. Wanting to be more like Ilana, Abbi tries to find a comfortable balance between being self-sufficient and free-spirited.

Overall, Broad City has received generally positive reviews. While receiving a Metacritic rating of 75 out of 100 based on 14 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes gave the show a 96% Certified Fresh approval rating. The consensus was, “From its talented producers to its clever writing and superb leads, Broad City boasts an uncommonly fine pedigree.”

Although Broad City   isn’t particularly new in its design, it does bring something new to the table of women in television. It’s an honest show that isn’t concerned with the cattiness between women, but instead focuses on genuine camaraderie between the two stars of the show. It’s unpretentious, and does focus on the typical “women” behaviors so commonly represented in television in media across America. Instead, the show focuses on friendship and the universal struggle that twenty-somethings face in the light of newly discovered responsibility and a yearning desire to make something of one’s self.

Abbi Johnson and Ilana Glazer have commented on Broad City, saying that the show represents a time before responsibility and money came into play. It was a simpler time for them, before the weight of adulthood rested on their shoulders. It was a time of self-discovery and introspection, a time of learning about the world in a very real, very unique way—by living. Their television representations are, according to Glazer, only about 15% exaggeration.

Amy Poehler, the show’s executive producer said, “There’s something about them that’s really watchable and organic and interesting. There aren’t enough like them on TV: confident, sexually active, self-effacing women, girlfriends who love each other the most.” Go to https://www.s9.com/charter/charter-internet-.html for more TV and online entertainment options.


Are You Tired of Slow Internet Connections?

Ever get tired of the Internet? It loads slowly, it randomly disconnects you and you don’t like to sit in one place all day while you try to get everything done. After a while, it just gets plain annoying and time consuming. Stop getting angry and giving up, try something new. How about your local cable TV provider? They will offer you the best in cable internet service. Their quality and performance surpasses those of their competitors. Competitors like Dial-Up, Satellite and even DSL are no match for the 105 Mbps your local ISP will offer you. You can get free features, best performance and best quality for the lowest price possible.

Sometimes it’s nice to move around the house, you can’t do that sitting at the computer. That’s why your local cable internet provider will offer you Wi-Fi. You can still get 105 Mbps in internet speed. This gives you free range of anywhere within the range of your modem. It will also allow you to use any internet enabled devices of your choosing. Wi-Fi and standard wire connection both give you enough bandwidth to do all of your needs at once. No more having to wait for a download and no more buffering when you want to stream music or a video. With this service, you also get free online security and free Parental Controls. With the online security suit your computer and personal documents are safe from hackers, Trojans, spyware, malware and any other viruses that may want to plaque your computer. This makes sure your identity and other personal items are never in harm’s way.

With the parental controls, you are always sure of your children’s safety. This feature allows you to monitor online chats and even see your child’s recent activities online. You can also regulate how much time your child spends on the internet each day. This changes with every portable device so that all age groups of the home are safe and secure. This gives you peace of mind that your children will always get what they need done while still being able to get their internet time.

When you click here you will find several fantastic Internet options. You will also be offered a bundled plan. Take it! This plan will give you cable internet, cable TV and home phone service for a single low monthly payment. This will make paying your bills a little easier. They will also give you a monthly discount just for bundling with them. This will also give you online bill pay option, which means convenience. You can go online and pay your bill for no extra charge. That mean you no longer have to sort through a mountain of papers to find the address to send in a check or even to find their phone number to call them directly. This makes your life a little simpler. Quality, performance, convenience and reliability through one provider each month. It’s the perfect home service provider for you and your family.


Miley Cyrus VMA Performance

The 2013 VMAs will forever remain a tribute to foam fingers and twerking. However, while the world was talking and sharing snickers online, Miley Cyrus was sitting back and taking it all in. Apparently, she knew there would be a stir, to put it mildly, and had actually planned it that way.

In a recent interview, Miley explained that, before the performance, she told Robin Thicke that they were about to make history. She also said that she finds it amazing that, even after the event, people are still talking about her performance with Thicke.

Cyrus says people are still asking her about her performance. She said that other people are putting more thought into her performance than she did. She said she put no thought into the performance before she did it because that’s just her.

While her performance has been called a number of things, well-thought out is not one of them. But, as Miley put it, she isn’t paying attention to the negative publicity that was garnered from the performance. She says she has seen these kind of situations play out so many times before. She named Madonna and Britney as examples in point, in which performers and artists make history by putting on a show that is talked about for years after the event. She said that is the kind of publicity that an artist wants- the kind that makes history.

Her performance may have made history but there are is now talk about how it caused a fight, and ultimately, a break up between her and Liam Hemsworth, her fiance. There are rumors that those surrounding Hemsworth are telling him to break it off with Miley permanently for the sake of his career and his public image. Only time will tell if the rumors are true. Find out more at http://youtu.be/Fy4y0C4GmYU right now.


Have You Looked At Time Warner Cable Recently?

With quality viewing options and a reliable Advanced Optics Network, Time Warner Cable can provide your home with everything your family needs for home entertainment and telecommunications.

Time Warner Cable Digital TV offers a large selection of Free HD channels to choose from. This provider can also offer digital standard definition channels that can be enjoyed from the programming package or from the DVR.

Subscribers can get the DVR or HD-DVR to record their programming. These devices can store hours of programming that can be watched at a family’s leisure. With a DVR, the family has hours of standard definition to look forward to, and with the HD-DVR, a family can record hours of standard and HD.

These devices can record from multiple channels at one time, or play back recorded  shows while they record more. The DVR and HD-DVR allow viewers to rewind, pause and fast forward through programming, so families get the scenes they want, when they want them. They can even pause to pick these shows back up later. Just click over to this site for more info about Time Warner Cable Package Deals in your area.

The Digital Video Recorder functions can be used with On Demand programming so that any show, movie, sports program or children’s show can be controlled to watch all of the interesting parts again.

Time Warner Cable Digital TV On Demand menu has more than 10,000 viewing choices that all age groups can enjoy. Music videos, children’s shows, sports programs, Movies On Demand from premium channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and STARZ can entertain for hours. On Demand also carries the newest lineup of Hollywood releases, so families don’t even have to leave their homes to rent movies.

Even with the thousands of programming options available, Time Warner Cable Digital TV is safe for the family. They offer Parental Controls, at no additional charge that covers the programming from the package, the programming stored on the DVR and the programming from On Demand. Parents never have to worry about what their kids are watching, even when they are not at home.

Time Warner Cable also provides Parental Controls for their Time Warner Cable High Speed Internet service. These Parental Controls block content while allowing the children to navigate and network on their favorite gaming and social sites. These Parental Controls also keep parents in the loop about who their children are talking to online.

With Time Warner Cable Internet, families get a choice of Time Warner Cable Internet with PowerBoost, and Time Warner Cable Internet Turbo. These services offer Time Warner Cable Internet, so that gaming and playing online are fast and fun. Find out more about TWC High Speed Internet at http://cabletelevisionbundles.s9.com/time-warner-cable-internet-service-.html.

With Time Warner Cable Internet, families also get free security software that offers more protection against viruses, spyware, popups and Identity Theft.  Families can get the speeds they need, with WiFi or traditional connections and the ability to play and surf online at their convenience, all through Time Warner Cable Internet.

Time Warner Cable can also provide for the home’s telephone needs, with Time Warner Cable Home Phone services. These telephone services include unlimited local and long distance calling to any location in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. This means families can stay in touch with their loved ones in any of these countries for a set monthly rate.

This rate also includes digital calling features that make it easy for families to get and manage their calls on busy schedules. Families don’t have to pay extra to get Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection and five other features that make their lives easier.

These services and features are what families need to meet the essential entertainment and communications of a household. When families bundle these services through Time Warner Cable, they get the added benefit of discounted pricing and greater convenience when it’s time to pay the bill.


Dish Network Offers More For Less Money

Dish Network Satellite Television has more to offer with less of a monthly expense to you. Dish TV offers children’s programming, sports, movies and tons of shows that can give you a wide variety of entertainment to choose from.

Dish Network Satellite TV offers over two hundred channels for English programming, with movie and sports premiums and other features like On Demand and Pay Per View. Dish has more than 15,000 titles available for instant viewing through its On Demand menu. Or you can watch UFC fights from around the world.  You can also watch [email protected], which provides movies and shows, or receive DVDs and games in the mail.

Dish offers Dish Anywhere, a remote access service so that you can sit at home and watch your new movie releases from On Demand or you can sit at work on your lunch break and watch them. Dish Anywhere provides remote access to all of your television channels, your On Demand selections, your [email protected] package and more.

You can access all of your home television programming from up to four different television sets in your home with the Hopper, an HD-DVR that can skip commercials, help you find your remote when you lose it and automatically record primetime programming. The Hopper has enough storage for up to 250 of HD programming or as much as 2,000 hours of standard definition. Find out more about Dish Network Satellite TV at getsatellite.com.

That’s more than enough room for everyone in the house to record and store their programming. The Hopper even lays the sports scores out for you so you don’t have to channel surf. With the Hopper, you can even sit on the couch in the living room and check to see what your children are watching in their rooms.

It is a great tool that can be used with a great service. Dishnet TV even offers bundled services for discounts and extra savings.


Star Trek Movies and TV Series

Star Trek Movies and TV Series
Click on the above image to see a larger version.

It’s amazing at the number of Star Trek Series, Movies, and Episodes there have been. This Star Trek Movie and TV Series Episode guide will help guide you through all of them!